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I hate my HP printer!!! | Lodestar Graphics

I hate my HP printer!!!

I bought an HP Officejet Pro L7650 a few years ago, and it works okay… for printing. The scanner quit communicating with the computer a few months ago, and I’ve tried several times to trouble-shoot the problem. Yesterday and today, I’ve spent literally hours and hours trying one fix after another, to no avail. I can’t contact support, because the printer is out of warranty. Apparently I’ve somehow “lost” the full-feature software and drivers, and only have the “basic”, which allows you to print, but not scan. When I try to download the full-feature software, I get an error message that says “Found a newer version of the same software on this machine. Quitting.”

I’m downloading the newest version. There can’t be a newer version on the machine. $*&!!^ argh! This particular error message isn’t covered in the support literature. I’m about ready to dump the printer in the pond and go buy any other brand!

The domain name ihatemyhpprinter.com is available!

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